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Water Burst

New England Water Distribution Services is bringing leak detection and other water line services into the 21st century.

Our new real-time reporting service provides you with detailed and geo-tagged leak reports as they're found, complete with GPS pinpoints, photographs, and flow rate information, along with an archive of your reports conveniently packaged in paper and online formats.

Water Road

Randy has been developing businesses in the Water Services space independently since 2003 and is well respected for his expertise, competitive offerings, and water service operations. In 2003, Troupe started Troupe Water Services, LLC with one truck and a few tools, and over a period of eight years grew Troupe Water Services into a highly competitive, well-respected water services operation. Randy credits the success of Troupe Water Services, LLC to always offering exceptional customer service to all customers.

Now operating as New England Water Distribution Services and servicing the needs of municipalities, contractors, and commercial customers, Randy marks 2014 as 30 years in the water industry. As you make your support service decisions, you can be confident that NE Water Distribution will provide the very best technical expertise and equipment.